We'd like to introduce Nellie and William. During visiting Lombok they liked the island so much. The pristine beauty of nature and friendly people and layback style of life gave them the idea to start something on Lombok.

After an extensively search for houses, land and business opportunities, they have opted to be shareholders of a real estate  company, PT.DREAM ESTATE.
Beautifull Lombok sunset
Fiki general manager  of  PT.Dream Estate  company The companies moral support
Nellie shareholder PT.Dream Estate
More ideas are welcome William  shareholder and president of PT.Dream Estate
Note: 10-10-2009

We as shareholders of the PT.Dream Estate company like to inform you about our experiences doing business and about our stay here on Lombok. As we noticed things are not always as you think they are. On this website we will present you more information about Lombok and especialy how things will be going.

We will keep you informed.